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2024-01-14 Ontario, Canada

When it came time for me to purchase my new PC, I wanted a replacement powerful enough to do everything I wanted it to do without any of the quality issues that so many manufacturers are having these days. When I discovered GamingPC.ca and saw the way they presented themselves, my search was over. It was obvious to me that they put quality front and center so I wouldn’t have to worry about any issues when I received my PC Sure enough, the PC they built for me runs like a dream and when I did have some questions based on my lack of experience, Sebastien responded to my chat within minutes and then continued to answer any follow-up questions I had, giving me a complete understanding and putting my mind totally at ease. It’s honestly the best customer service I’ve ever received which made for even more of a luxury experience. Oh, and the care they took in packaging the PC was outstanding as well. I am convinced I could have dropped the package off of a building and the PC wouldn’t have been damaged at all. With such a large and important purchase, I can’t stress enough what a relief it is knowing that it was put together with care and expertise, that they stand behind their product and offer incredible customer support. I highly recommend this company!


2023-11-18 British Columbia, Canada

I can unreservedly recommend GamingPC.ca if you are in the market for a new gaming PC. They have excellent customer support and were very helpful in responding to my questions. I gave them some high-level goals for what I was seeking in my build (quiet, low maintenance, performant, etc.) and they gave me a solid set of recommendations with clear justifications for each suggestion. And they even went above and beyond that and did some extra research to help me answer a networking hardware question in relation to my home PC environment, which saved me several hours at least of googling (and their suggested solution works like a charm). The components on offer have always seemed pretty up to date (I’d kept an eye on their website for almost a year while working up to the new purchase), so I was comfortable that their systems are probably as good or better than what I would have put together from scratch myself. Packaging and shipment were top notch even to my rural location. The system itself runs like a charm and has exceeded my goals in terms of quietness and performance. A 100% enjoyable experience for me from start to finish, highly recommended!


2023-09-11 British Columbia, Canada

I recently had the pleasure of working with this fantastic company to build my dream PC using some of the best components available. From start to finish, Sebastien at Gaming Pc supported me throughout the entire process. The build itself was flawless, with each component expertly installed and configured to ensure maximum performance and reliability. The result is a PC that exceeds all of my expectations, delivering lightning-fast speeds with stunning visuals and insane FPS!!Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my experience working with Gamingpc.ca They truly went above and beyond to ensure that my PC build was perfect in every way and that I felt comfortable every step of the way. Sebastien never tired of answering my questions, and he always responded right away. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a PC build and say that if you are on the fence dive in!!!


2023-08-27 British Columbia, Canada

An absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. Sebastien was so helpful, and help me achieve everything I wanted out of this computer. Do not hesitate to contact these guys for your next gaming PC, they definitely know what they’re doing. They’ll take their time and get it right. I’m a very happy with the service they provide, I know I could have built the computer myself. But when I was spending this much, I wanted the professionals to take care of it. And I’m happy that these guys were the ones doing it.


2023-01-05 British Columbia, Canada

Sitting here typing this on a gorgeous and powerful new PC. It’s hard to put into words just how helpful Sebastien and the team at GamingPC were and how happy I am with my build. Naturally when you are making a purchase like this you shop around a bit, which I did. Other places just felt like my purchase was being very rushed, the answers to my questions were very vague and didn’t make me feel confident in the builders. As soon as I started talking to Sebastien though I knew that this was the only place I should be getting my pc built. It didn’t feel like he just wanted me to buy it and be done with it. He truly wanted me to be as happy as possible with my computer. I had so many questions (when I say so many, I really mean SO many questions) and they were able to answer them all and on top of that provide me with very important helpful information that I would have never even thought about. This kind of information was crucial in making sure my build would run 100% perfectly and safely in my apartment. This team has given me complete peace of mind and a great sense of joy with my build.

I look at my pc and feel so happy at how beautiful it is and how powerful it is and the reason for that is because of the team at GamingPC. One thing that anybody who is getting a pc built should know is that you can completely put your trust in this team and not have to worry about your build. The decades of experience Sebastien has is a clear sign to let you know that your build will be absolutely amazing and the warranty that is included is just another bonus. My PC came perfectly boxed up and secure with all the necessary protective foam to ensure it arrived in perfect condition. Every step along the way has made me feel at ease with my purchase and now that I can use it and play all my games in beautiful 4K with maxed out graphics settings I am overjoyed. I honestly had been saving up for a very long time to upgrade and make this happen and it really has been a dream come true and I cannot thank Sebastien and the team enough. Do yourself a favor and let them build your pc, I assure you that you will not regret it and you will be as happy as anyone can be with your new PC.



2022-12-23 Ontario, Canada

I just received my new “Bullet” gaming PC. It’s awesome! It is small and compact, easy to carry up stairs if you need to. It is powerful enough to run even the least optimized games at maximum graphics with 90 FPS.

Thanks to Sebastien for helping me out along the way with suggesting better parts, free of charge, and making things run smoothly. It made me nervous buying such an expensive item from a site I have never used before, but I am very happy that I did. And I will order from here again in the future, and recommend it to others! Thanks again.


2022-10-25 Toronto, Canada

Hello, I’m Chris from Toronto, ON

I just wanted to take the time to tell you about my experience with GamingPC.ca.

First off, I am a huge gamer. My old system was getting far too dated and was running slow and choppy. Not too good when you’re in the middle of a PvP match. So, I began my search for a new PC. I spent hours trying to find the right PC for me until I came across GamingPC.ca. I took a look at all the available systems and noticed the Destroyer PC. It was good but with Sebastien’s help he guided me to modify the Destroyer PC with the upgrades I was looking for. He was even so helpful he advised me on some downgrades on parts that I had originally chosen but he told me they were not necessary for what I was looking for. When it comes to components, I generally am unsure what to choose, but with Sebastien’s help he made me choose the right components to get the job done. He wasn’t one of those sales people who pushed products his customers didn’t actually need; he cared enough to advise me and helped me save money I didn’t need to spend. I ordered my PC on June 17th and it arrived on August 4th. It may seem like a long time to wait but due to the pandemic supply chains were slow, so no fault of GamingPC. My PC arrived packed extremely well as to avoid any damage and with the upmost care. Setting up was quick and easy even with the water-cooling system.
Overall, my purchase experience was beyond exemplary. Customer service and support is ongoing and very professional. Sebastien takes the time to answer my most basic questions and wants to make sure I enjoy my PC to the fullest. And above all that GamingPC is Canadian owned and operated so I’m so very happy to support Canadian workers and Canadian business in this post-pandemic era. That was one of the biggest factors in choosing GamingPC.ca.

So, if you are looking to upgrade or buy a new PC look no further GamingPC has everything you need from awesome systems to excellent support/service!!

Thanks again Sebastien!!


2022-05-06 Alberta, Canada

I think I paid a little to much for the parts and labour to build the pc. BUT…. Ive never had a single problem with my pc and it has performed flawlessly. I use and abuse this pc and it is very stable. If you want peace of mind knowing your pc is built and stress tested for extreme… this is the Company.


2021-11-20 Ontario, Canada

I wanted a new Gaming PC and didn’t know where to start. I know nothing about computers but always dreamed of having a liquid cooled one that looked awesome and could easily handle what I throw at it. I found their website and was immediately drawn to the cool look of all their computers. Sebastien spent so much time educating me and helping me chose the best setup and he was so willing to go the extra mile to help me achieve the look I was going for. It was truly the most fun experience I could have had having a computer built for me and the end product absolutely blew my expectations out of the water! It was the greatest service I have ever received as a consumer and it was shipped very carefully and quickly once it was ready to go. Thank you!!

Jeffrey T

2021-10-20 Mississauga, Canada

I have been wanting to build my dream PC for awhile now and came across gamingpc.ca. I reached out to them with my specs to see what they thought and how long it would take for them to get the RTX 3090 graphics card. They got back to me within an hour and gave me his feedback on my specs, made a few minor changes to improve the performance of the system, not as a sales pitch. Not only did he have the 3090 in stock, he had the Asus ROG Strix special edition in white which was perfect as I wanted to have an all white build. He was very helpful to answer all my questions during the build process, sent pictures of all the parts, sent pictures during the burn in testing process and when the machine was complete. Total build time from order to receiving my machine was a couple months which i was ok with since the attention to detail and build quality is top notch. Now that I have received my machine. all I can say is WOW! Its blazing fast (processor overclocked to 5.0GHz, runs quiet and cool (due to the custom water-cooling loop) and looks amazing. If you are in the market for a high end gaming PC I recommend you look no further. Keep up the great work GamingPc Team!


2021-06-06 British Columbia, Canada

I want to congratulate Sebastien and his team at Gaming PC for delivering a very robust computer for my Flight Simulation applications. In spite of Covid, the ordering, build and delivery took approximately two months.
I have previously bought two consecutive, high performance computers from specialty builders in the USA so I have some experience in judging PC Gaming’s product and service. First of all, Sebastien must sleep at the office(he is always there at the phone or on-line chat device). His knowledge is extraordinary and willingness to serve the customer always at the forefront. The build quality was superior to anything I have had in the past and pricing very competitive, particularly if you are a Canadian.
My “Battle Cruiser” provides me with 5.0 GHz from an overclocked, liquid cooled Intel I9 10900K CPU, ASUS Rog Strix Z490E motherboard and NVIDEA RTX 3070 8GB graphics card. The 10 cores seldom get into low the 60deg C range.

I don’t normally provide glowing comments about suppliers but in this case it’s warranted – Merci Beaucoup !!!


2021-06-04 Toronto, Canada


I wanted to offer my testimonial for the Helion as I have been using the computer everyday since Dec 24, 2020.

This is my first custom PC. I ordered the Helion from Gaming PC. It was not only done under time constraints, but in December during peak holiday season order influx. Sebastien is as helpful and informative as testimonials mention, even I was skeptical. Sebastien walked me through the needs of a computer within my price range and even cautioned me against additional costs. Gaming PC emailed build updates and took the time to stress test the PC. Prepare for the unboxing of these behemoth shipments. Coincidentally, I received my order on December 24th. During my PC setup, I called ON CHRISTMAS EVE and received on the spot assistance. I think it is clear with Gaming PC that a quality product is more important to them than a sales pitch.



2021-05-23 Nova Scotia, Canada


Love my new Helion PC! It handles all my needs for gaming & 3D modeling/rendering. It’s a beast! High quality products (I bought monitors and accessories too), and everything arrived well packaged right to my door. Also, customer service – excellent. They responded fast to all my questions and helped me figure out exactly what I wanted. Best PC I’ve ever owned. I definitely will recommend these guys if you’re looking for a custom build. Happy customer right here!



2021-05-20 Nova Scotia, Canada

I just bought a water cooled, gaming pc from gamingpc.ca. I was nervous, but sometimes you take a chance. Very professional, they can ship Canada wide, they know how to pack it, and make sure you know what to do when you get it. I m a very happy customer, and I look forward to in five years time to build another behemoth!

Evga rtx 3090 black
Water cooled

Thanks for the amazing job guys!


2021-02-10 Quebec, Canada

I just recently purchased a high end PC from Sebastien at GamingPC and it is impressive. The attention that they bring to customer service is pure class. Build quality is like that of a Swiss watch. They even upgraded some my hardware at no extra charge since they purchase parts wisely. What more can anyone ask for! I recommend this Canadian company with confidence and will be repeat customer.


2020-12-11 Quebec City, Canada

In my search for an all-around industrial-grade personal computer that can be used for productivity, cloud-development, content creation, data science, and gaming, I was more than thrilled to find a local company in Quebec.

The GamingPC team was very professional in their approach, consulting with me early in the process to ensure all components fit together in the most optimal way possible.

While the PC was building, I received timely updates on the progress, something I appreciated very much. Also, the performance and stress testing they do during the build cycle is invaluable to receiving a stable product you can trust.

GamingPC delivered the build before the expected timeframe and produced a beautiful product with no issues. These professionals are proud of their craft, and it shows in the fruits of their labor.

I would not hesitate to do business with them again and recommend that people give them a shot.


2019-08-23 Alberta, Canada

I’ve been using my pc for just under a year now and I could not be happier. The computer is really well put together and the parts used are top notch. The custom cooling makes a huge difference in how the computer can run different games and programs. Some of my friends have computers with the same or similar specs as mine but they can’t run games like BDO on ultra because it melts their computers. The customer service has been really good too. You can tell that they really do care about their product and customers and just want you to enjoy using your computer. I recommend GamingPc.ca to all of my friends and family not only because my computer is awesome but because I really liked dealing with Sebastien and he seemed like a genuinely good person and made some really good recommendations on parts. There were times he even suggested I get the less expensive brand because the performance was similar enough which made it so I could put money into other aspects of the build I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.


2019-07-24 Ontario, Canada


Would like to thank you for your support and recommendations for my new system. It exceeds my expectations and is one awesome computer. This is our second system from GamingPC, the Warrior was our first 1-1/2 year ago which is still running flawlessly. This new Battle Cruiser is super fast, loads fast, plays fast and just looks fast. The case shows everything nicely, and the white colours are just the perfect accents for me. This is going to be a joy to play with for years to come.



2019-03-15 British Columbia, Canada

I had my Computer built with these guys. They were very professional and built me a beast of a machine. Everything was in order and they did an amazing job with wire management. Would highly recommend them for anyone looking to build a gaming rig.


2019-01-29 Nova Scotia

Hi Folks

Just wanted to write in an say the computer has been the fastest one I have ever used. No issues, almost zero noise, just a suburb experience. I will be back to you folks for my next system and definitely sending anyone I know your way. Thanks for everything.


2018-12-15 Regina, Saskatchewan

I just wanted to take a moment and thank Sebastien and all who contributed to my pc build. It has been a year and the machine is running superbly. I have now noticed a lot of the extra mods you guys did to get this pc both esthetically and functionally working. You guys are epic. Great experience!!


2018-08-14 Ontario, Canada

I have been running this wonderful pc build for over 3 months now and everything has been smooth and fast. I ordered the “The Warrior” which was lovingly coined “Red Warrior” due to my request for the red and black case. With a few upgrades, Red Warrior has been running games and video editing software like a dream. I’ve even been able to do a little 3D animation rendering with it.

This build was worth every penny and the cost was lower than other competitors. I was kept up-to-date with the progress and it was delivered on time. I’ve been praising and recommending GamingPC to all my friends. When I have to upgrade, I know who to go to.

There is no way to describe how happy I am with The Red Warrior. I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you!

So thank you GamingPC and Sebastien.


2018-06-26 Montreal, Canada


Recently purchased a battle cruiser with some added modifications. I can say after a few months the system works flawlessly. I must add that the stress testing they do prior to ship it to you is extremely valuable as the units are stable at their overclocked speeds. Assembly is great. I definitely recommend them for custom gaming systems and Sebastien was great at answering all my questions. Would definitely buy from them again.

Thank you,


2018-05-09 British Columbia, Canada


The “destroyer” I ordered arrived early. Great customer service from Sebastien with helping making choices on the upgrades I wanted and answering the few questions I had otherwise. Machine works great so, everything I have tried runs flawless at maximum settings. All in all a beautiful rig to play.
Would do business again.


2017-11-19 Ontario, Canada


I received the Beast on the date indicated. Everything is in order, and the computer is running very smoothly.

Overall, I am very happy and pleased with it, and with doing business with you.

Thank you,


2017-08-31 Ontario, Canada

Hi guys,

Again thank you very much for a fantastic machine. GamingPC and Sebastien went above and beyond on my “Battle Cruiser”. First; They were able to customize almost every aspect of my PC including some personal touches i had requested. I never heard the word “no” and even was able to get custom case colour which they ordered for me without a hitch. Sebastien gave great advice with regards to SLI, liquid cooling for the GPU and RAM, and it was clear he knew his stuff. The PC also came boxed well and had no issues being sent via Canada Post, what else can be said you will not be disappointed!!

Thanks again to the Gaming PC team.


2016-10-19 Montreal, Canada

I’ve been using the pc for almost a year now and everything has been great. It’s really an amazing product you built. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.


2015-10-23 Manitoba, Canada

This is my second Gaming Pc built by Sebastien and his team, as expected, outstanding effort. The machine runs flawlessly. On a scale of 1-10, i proudly grade it a 10. Many thanks Sebastien, gladly submitted.


2015-02-27 Ontario, Canada

I have had this wonderful PC Speed Daemon for over 2 months now and everything you promise in your advertising has come true for me. The video card is amazing in its rendering of Call of Duty Ghosts. The speed is smooth and I sometimes forget that I am playing a game and not looking out a window. For the first time with any games I have a very good machine that does what I dreamed of when playing as seen on the gaming sites.

I have an old i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz with 8 GB memory and the new PC you sold me puts this one to shame. I removed all my games from the old PC and installed them on the new one. OMG what a difference.

Thank you for a wonderful buying experience Your PC is the best unit I have ever owned. Thank you for answering all my questions before I bought, your service was fantastic and it was delivered to my door. Thank you!


2014-10-30 Ontario, Canada

I ordered ‘The Beast’ that was available in December of 2013. I ordered it with some hardware upgrades like the Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card and the water cooling option for the single NVidia GeForce GTX 780 TI along with a bigger storage hard drive. I also bought a Razor Blackwidow Keyboard and Razor Death Adder 2013 mouse to make it complete minus the monitor that I already had.

Normally I would have built my own PC as I’ve done in the past, picking out each component. After visiting GamingPC.ca several times, I felt that not only did they pick the best components, but they also had expertise I lacked such as the installation of water cooling systems, overclocking for speed and stability and OS tweaking. In addition, it can be difficult for an individual to source and get high-end components for a reasonable price. GamingPC.ca was a one stop solution.

I’ve been using The Beast a lot for nine months and it is great. The boot up speed remains fast – seems ready to go in about 30 seconds or less – and it has been rock solid stable and runs cool and quiet (the extra water cooling for the GPU helps with that.) I have about 60 games on it and it’s great to be able to set them all on maximum settings. The GeForce Experience utility helps with settings for a good number of titles. It is also a very good looking machine; an understated black monolith with just the right window and lighting to show off the hardware and cooling system inside.

The Beast is huge – much bigger than even a large desktop so you want to have a sturdy place for it and a good back to lift it there. There’s a reusable dust filter underneath that needs occasional removal and cleaning which requires clearance from behind the machine. I use The Beast only for gaming so software-wise, it only has a skeleton crew of non-gaming programs that either support the hardware, support my web browser or deal with system security – in my case I added the ESET Nod 32 option and it works fine with the games I have. Keeping it clean helps preserve the OS tweaks for performance and the short boot up time.

Support at GamingPC.ca is great. I had problems with my Razor mouse and they are helping me to resolve this. They also kept me informed on when I could expect to receive all items in my order before they arrived. I haven’t needed additional support because The Beast has been great from the time I first powered it on and it has never let me down since. Thanks GamingPC.ca for designing a dream machine configuration, putting it together and making it run just right.


2014-07-17 Ontario, Canada

So far, the new PC you guys shipped me has been working great. I can play just about anything on the highest settings without any frame drops and it never gets hot, the air coming out is always cool or just somewhat cool if it’s a big game like ArmA 3.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you put into this machine. Everything looks neat and tidy and well put together. I couldn’t have done it better myself (honestly, not that good at building PCs, but I can do it). Thanks a bunch, I really am enjoying the experience on this PC.


2014-07-16 Ontario, Canada

After purchasing an upgraded Battle Cruiser; I can confidently say that the machine is worth every penny. Everything came set up and ready to use, and was professionally and carefully packed. Giving the customer service at GamingPC a 10 out of 10 would be a huge understatement. Sebastien was more than helpful, patient, and understanding with my many questions; and never made me feel pressured into buying anything. His professionalism is a step beyond the rest, and I hope that many more people share the same pleasant experience with the ordering process as I did. As far as the machine; even when I’m running a new AAA game on ultra settings the machine is cold to the touch. I’d highly recommend the water cooling systems at GamingPC. I’m blown away by the quality and sheer power of my machine. I’d recommend this company to any PC enthusiast again and again. Thanks guys for the great product and experience.


2014-03-06 Winnipeg, Canada

I was looking to get a new gaming computer, went to the web to see and I found GamingPC.ca I ve spoken to Sebastien. I found him to be helpful and patient. About 10 days later my new computer arrived. It was professionally packaged for maximum safety. It works well in every aspect, and there are no concerns. GamingPC.ca computers support stands above anything I have ever seen before. Congratulations to this fine company and many thanks for the excellent product you sent to me.


2014-01-22 Alberta, Canada

All is working ok and the system rocks!!! Thanks very much incl your excellent support! Happy to post feedback etc if u wish. Suggest you go on iracing.com forums and post your company there. You’ll likely get some customers! Let me know if u do and I will be happy to chime in re my exerience. Cheers, Bill Sent from my BlackBerry pls excuse any spelling errors 🙂

Eric L

2014-01-17 Montreal, Canada

Sebastien from GamingPC helped me customize my machine to the point where I’m pretty sure I have on the best computers in Canada. I’m extremely satisfied with the build quality and the custom watercooling system inside my machine. The cpu stays at 30 degrees idle (and barely breaks 50 when I’m gaming!) and my videocard runs at 31 degrees! It’s nuts. Seriously, I can’t recommend you enough. Thanks!


2013-02-21 Yellowknife, Canada

Gaming PC built the best computer I’ve ever owned. I had a similar one from a competitor prior to purchasing “The Beast”. Not only was the beast a few thousand cheaper, it had higher quality components, and I did not have to pay any duty/import fees! It was very easy to order the PC of my dreams! The beast can run Crysis 3 at 2560×1440 at max graphics settings smoothly!! When it’s time to upgrade again, there’s only one place I’m going to go! Thanks again Gaming PC!


2013-02-13 Ontario, Canada

This is the greatest PC I’ve ever purchased. The buying process was simple and straightforward and they were very patient with my numerous questions about the computer. Now that I have it, it’s simply the greatest PC I’ve ever had. The thing boots up in 17 seconds. SEVENTEEN SECONDS. That’s crazy. All of my friends are jealous – as they should be. My wife? Not so much, but she does acknowledge that this crazy rig makes Skyrim look like real life. These guys build insane computers.


2012-10-28 Calgary, Canada

Hey just wanted to say that the PC works and looks fantastic, thanks so much for the great service. I’ll definitely be recommending you to my friends.


2012-07-10 Ontario, Canada

I told you guys a while ago that I will get back to you with my comments regarding my experience with the purchase and usage of the PC editing HD videos and playing games, so here it is:

Purchasing: I had excellent experience purchasing the PC from GamingPc. Every time I called, I got you on the phone. You were very knowledgeable and helpful understanding my needs and recommended excellent components. I really don’t regret anything at all.

PC Performance: It is amazing! It is very quiet and it never gets hot! I downloaded 4.5 hours (34 GB) of HD video files from my HD Sony camcorder to my SSD drive (C Drive) and it only took 40 minutes. Then using Cyberlink Power Director, I edited my HD video files without any crashes! The PC only took 2.75 hours to render and burn my HD 38 GB video project on a 50 GB blue Rae without any crashes! I have also tested the PC by playing “The Witcher 2” game and it works without any heck ups at the highest game setting. All the components (i.e. Razor keyboard mouse, Logitech HD web cam, HP Pro CM1415 MF printer, 680XT video card, SSD drives, WD hard drives, the Coolmaster storm enforcer case and etc.) are FANTASTIC and work well with each other. For once in my life time, I don’t have any stupid compatibility issues between parts! The Windows 7 64 Bit, Nero and Cyberlink Power Director are also working very well, fast and smoothly with each other.

Thank you very much!


2012-05-09 Ontario, Canada

I purchased the Bullet from Gaming PC in December. Trust me when I say, the computer is awesome! Sebastien has been great too. He always replies to all my questions when I’m confused about something or want to buy something else. Best customer service ever! I live in Ontario and when I bought the computer from them, it took only 2 days to get here. Everything was already set up and ready to go. I would recommend GamingPC to anyone. I guarantee that if you buy from them, you will be extremely happy with both the computer and the service.


2011-10-06 Alberta, Canada

This computer is awesome!! I play a lot of different games on it like shooters to RTS’s and everything runs at max settings, great service and a great company!


2011-09-17 Ontario, Canada

I was excited to receive my first system from gamingpc.ca: the Destroyer. Unfortunately, after unpacking it and booting it up, I experienced frequent crashes. Sebastien was kind to call me and walk me through various debugging steps over the phone and we eventually found out the problem was due to a loose RAM stick, which probably got loose during shipping.

Even though I was originally disappointed by the crashes, I was pleasantly surprised to have Sebastien stay a little bit over an hour with me on the phone to get all of it sorted out so that I could start enjoying the Destroyer the very same day.


2011-06-23 N-B, Canada

Pc’s are up and running now and installing software. I think you did an excellent job putting them together, as well as for the choice of components used


2011-03-03 Ontario, Canada

If the new computer is half as good as your customer care skills that you demonstrated through the order and preparation process I am sure we will be indeed pleased. Thanks again